In 2006 under the far-sighted leadership of the College of Borrego's Adult Education Program, the Pottery Program was created. After arranging for a large outdoor space on School District grounds the College and its patrons bought and donated the equipment necessary to open a working and teaching pottery studio. Ginger Dunlap-Dietz, a potter from Syracuse, NY was on hand to manage and organize the Pottery from the beginning.

In 2013 the College of Borrego handed the sponsorship of the Pottery over to the Borrego Art Institute.  In addition to continuing the on-going programs, in 2014 BAI initiated its first Celebration of Clay and Glass Show. The annual exhibition highlights local artists and introduces the work of talented clay and glass artists from around Southern California.

Over the nine winter/spring seasons the Pottery Studio has been open, it has grown; new equipment includes a raku kiln, new storage structures, materials, and new workshops. We are very proud of the significant group of people who have discovered the joy of working with clay and have made the studio a special place.

  Some have taken what they learned back to their homes in other locales and built their own potteries; some make the Pottery a focus of their seasonal time here in Borrego.  This year the Pottery was able to maintain limited summer hours.


Under the guidance of the Borrego Art Institute, community awareness of the Pottery program is growing. With the assistance of interested donors, the goal this year is to build a new year-round facility for clay as a part of the ARTFARM at BAI.

We expect that the future will bring a year-round presence, new guest artists, more workshops and increased interest in the clay medium and the art of ceramics.

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